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Deb’s Diary begins on 1st January 1976, which for many, was a year of mass unemployment, national strikes, raging inflation, industrial unrest, and economic crisis.

And oblivious to all this is a hormone-fuelled sixteen-year-old girl growing up and finding her way in 1970’s London.
Deb’s Diary takes us on a humorous, nostalgic trip down memory lane for those who, in their minds at least, are forever teenagers.

Deb’s Diary March 1976 

Friday, 5 March (Day before my Party!!)

Only one more sleep till my party. Aaarrgghh. Went down the pub to make sure we’d invited everyone. Bazzer asked of it was OK to bring his football team. Said yes. It isn’t. Hopefully Dad might not go quite so mad if there are blokes he can talk about football. A bit unlikely I know.  ….Read More

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‘Deb’s Diary 1976’ has been Suzi’s work in progress for several years after stumbling across an old friend’s Diary while helping her move house one day.

Having been collecting dust in an attic for over 40 years (the diary not the friend!) it was
agreed that a story would bring this era to life for those that had not been fortunate
enough to live through it themselves.

Suzi lives in the UK with her husband and 3 cats and is currently working on a follow-up novel, ‘Deb’s Diary 1986’.


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